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Refresher of PST, Refresher of PSCRB, Refresher of FPFF, Refresher of AFF,  Refresher of MFA, BTOCTCO, BTLGTCO, ATOTCO, ATCTCO, ATLGTCO, PSF (CRM), BSST, VICT and SSOC. 

All candidates are requested to go through the following circulars thoroughly:-
37 of 2020 dated 10-11-2020 | 38 of 2O2O dated 12-11-2020 | 20 of 2020 dated 03-08-2020
2 of 2018 INDoS Circular dated 09-03-2018 | 25 of 2020 DGS Order

All candidates are to check their personal profile on dgs website. If photo, signature and other details are to be uploaded, please contact verification section prior to booking the course. Once the course commenced and batch details are uploaded, profile updating cannot be done. Course fees and the course will lapse.

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NAMAC has started online virtual training for Shipboard Safety Officers Course (SBSOC) (Value Added)

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S No. Name Qualification Date Of Birth
1Lt Cdr Lijo Thomas JosephOiC NBCD Site, Karanja (for Offshore FF courses)04 Jul 1988
2GR Bojja POA (AH)IN Instructor for Helo Safety Courses05 Apr 1987
3Shambhu Nath Pandey POEL(P)IN NBCDI for offshore courses25 Oct 1986
4Brijraj Verma MCPO IIIN Seaman Instructor for Offshore Courses19 Jan 1983
5Pankaj Kumar MC Mech IIIN Seaman Instructor28 Apr 1981
6Mr Dhiraj Kumar ChMEIN NBCDI for offshore courses02 Feb 1981
7Cdr Dinesh KumarSATCO and Faculty for all Helo Safety Courses28 Feb 1973
8Cdr MuralidharanFaculty for CO-R & FLO-R courses01 Feb 1972
9Santosh Kumar Behera MCA (AH) IIIN Instructor for Helo Safety Courses10 Jul 1970
10GD Sahoo MCPO IIIN Seaman Instructor for Offshore Courses05 May 1970
11Capt V MeharishiOfficer in Charge Sailing Club & Faculty for OLC/FRB/FRC & its refreshers01 Aug 1965
12Satyendra Choudhary MCPO IIN Seaman Instructor for Offshore courses10 Jul 1965
13Mr J SinghCivilian Instructor for CO-R & FLO-R01 Jan 1961
14Dr Pyare LalQHSE Consultant01 Jan 1949